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Work Sharp Ken Onion Grinding Machine

Work Sharp Ken Onion Grinding Machine

Article number: 27980
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Product Details

Work Sharp Ken Onion knife and tool sharpener can sharpen knives and tools fast and easily.

The knife and tool sharpener is designed in cooperation with the famous knife maker Ken Onion which has resulted in the ultimate sharpening solution for your home or shop. It can sharpen anything from small hunting knives to large axes, and a lot more.

It has a powerful engine with different speeds, an adjustable sharpening guide for precise sharpening from 15° to 30° and high-quality abrasive belts. These are some of the knife and tool sharpener’s special features. These features make sure that the sharpener can handle all types of sharpening tasks (from sharpening to polishing), and they ensure strong, durable and precise sharpening.
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