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In June 2020, we are moving sales from to Scandposters is our own brand particulary 
known for its nature posters and lithographs. We design and produce the posters in Denmark and sell them at our own websites (, and The posters are also sold through several retailers around the world. The nature posters are perfect as decoration, promotional gifts and educational material. The illustrations on the posters are hand-drawn and colored by Danish artists. They are very detailed and appear lifelike – and are known worldwide for use in e.g. books and marketing materials.

The brand Scandposters has existed since 1955. Originally, it was called Scandinavian Fishing Year Book. The first product was a yearbook with Scandinavian fishing companies. After some years, we developed the first two posters: saltwater fish and freshwater fish. The interest in these two posters was huge. Companies worldwide asked for more specific posters, and the range was extended continuously to now consisting of more than 40 different nature posters and 1300 illustrations. Since the range no longer only contains products derived from fish/fishery, in 2014 we changed the brand’s name to Scandposters. It is possible to have your own logo printed at the bottom of the posters – read more about custom logo posters here. Contact us at