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Before shopping at, we ask that you read our terms and conditions, our personal data policy and our cookie policy.

Please note that Linaa A/S does not guarantee that all products are in stock or available for purchase. Orders can only be placed by persons that are 18 years or older. Linaa A/S reserves the right to revise our product assortment and pricing, as well as our terms and conditions, at any time.

Company information is owned and operated by:

Linaa A/S
Bergsoesvej 11
8600 Silkeborg
Tel.: +45 86 80 26 66
VAT. No: DK25790294

Ordering – How to shop at
To shop on the website, you must go through the following steps:

1. Select the product(s) you want to buy and add them to the basket. (Note for UK: Due to customs regulations, we regret to inform you that we cannot sell our entire range to you if you live in the UK. This includes items like knives, knife blades, and similar products.)
2. Go to view basket and proceed to checkout.
3. Enter your personal information.
4. Select your delivery method.
5. Select your payment method and enter your details.
6. Accept our terms and conditions.
7. Check that your entered information and your order is correct and complete your purchase by clicking “Confirm and pay”.

You will automatically receive an order confirmation when your purchase is complete. If you have not received an order confirmation, please check your spam filter. To receive a new order confirmation, please send an email with your information to:

Ordering – Resellers
If you are interested in becoming a reseller of any of our products, please send an email to As a reseller you can order products by sending an email to

Please write which products (and include their article numbers), and how many of each, you want to order. Orders will be processed as soon as possible.

The payment deadline for resellers is 10 days from invoice date. After that, the reseller is subject to a 1,5 % interest charge, however at least 10 Euro.

All prices shown on the website includes VAT (a Danish Value-Added Tax of 25%). If you click “Show excl. VAT” on the top of the website (header), you will see all prices excluded VAT. All prices are quoted in Euro (€).

Customers in the European Union have to pay VAT if they do not supply a valid VAT-number. Customers outside of the EU are not subject to VAT charges, and therefore the 25% will be subtracted during the checkout process.

Freight and insurance charges (delivery costs) will be added during the checkout process.

Shipping and delivery costs
We ship orders every business day (Monday to Friday). Upon submitting an order, it will be shipped within 1-3 business days. If your order is urgent, please reach out to us via email:

We ship to Europe. The delivery cost will depend on the weight and destination of the package. Because we ship to Europe, total shipping will be shown during checkout process, after entering your address information. Please note that we do not ship to non-bridged islands.

You can expect your order to be delivered within 3-6 business days. 

The shipping prices are for:

Begium incl. VAT
0-20 kg: 32.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 39.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 54.99 EUR

Estonia incl. VAT
0-20 kg: 41.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 49.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 69.99 EUR

France incl. VAT
0-20 kg: 41.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 50.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 70.99 EUR

Netherlands incl. VAT:
0-20 kg: 31.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 37.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 52.99 EUR

Ireland incl. VAT:
0-20 kg: 48.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 58.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 81.99

Italy incl. VAT:
0-20 kg: 59.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 70.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 98.99 EUR

Latvia incl. VAT:
0-20 kg: 41.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 49.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 69.99 EUR

Lithuania incl. VAT:
0-20 kg: 41.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 49.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 69.99 EUR

Luxembourg incl. VAT:
0-20 kg: 34.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 41.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 57.99 EUR

Austria incl. VAT: 
0-20 kg: 36.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 44.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 52.99 EUR

Poland incl. VAT:
0-20 kg: 35.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 42.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 59.99 EUR

Germany incl. VAT:
0-20 kg: 31.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 37.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 52.99 EUR

Hungary incl. VAT:
0-20 kg: 37.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 44.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 60.99 EUR

Other countries in the European Union incl VAT:
0-1 kg: 16.99 EUR
1-3 kg: 25.99 EUR
3-5 kg: 35.99 EUR
5-50 kg: 67.99 EUR

UK excl. VAT:
0-20 kg: 31.99 EUR
20-35 kg: 37.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 53.99 EUR

To all other European countries excl. Vat:
0-1 kg: 20.99 EUR
1-2 kg: 30.99 EUR
2-3 kg: 35.99 EUR
3-5 kg: 40.99 EUR
5-10 kg: 80.99 EUR
10-20 kg: 121,99 EUR
20-25 kg: 134,99 EUR
25-35 kg: 211.99 EUR
35-50 kg: 309.99 EUR

For orders weighing more than 5 kg we will always find the lowest shipping cost available from our shipping partners. The price shown during checkout is the maximum price you will pay for shipping. We often find a cheaper alternative and will reduce your cost correspondingly.

Your order is shipped as a package. Custom duties, if applicable, are the customer’s responsibility.

Please note that we cannot ship to P.O. boxes.

Please note for customers in the UK: Due to customs regulations, we regret to inform you that we cannot sell our entire range to you if you reside in the UK. This includes items like knives, knife blades, and similar products.

We recommend our customers from Denmark and Norway to shop on our Danish website: and our customers from Sweden to shop on our Swedish website:

When you shop at, you can pay with the following credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. Please fill in your card number, security number, and expiration date. You can normally find your card number and expiration date on the front of your credit card and the security number on the back of your card (the last three numbers on the right side just above the magnetic field).

All transactions are sent encrypted via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and are completely secure. There are no fees associated with your credit card payment. Please note that we will not withdraw the funds from your account before the order has been shipped and we cannot withdraw an amount that is higher than what you approved when placing your order.

30 days return policy
You can get a full refund if, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase and if the merchandise is returned to us in its original condition and packaging within 30 days of the delivery date. Within the 30 days you have to inform us that you regret your purchase and return the item to us.

Your right to return your order for a full refund begins from the date you received your order. If the period expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Sunday, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve the deadline is extended to the following business day. If multiple items ordered in one order but delivered individually, your deadline runs from the day you received your final delivery.

If you wish to use our 30 days return policy you must notify us within 14 days of receiving your order. Please send us an email ( in advance of shipping your return. Returns are treated within 14 days of receipt. You can download our return form here.

PLEASE NOTE: All custom-designed and logo posters are personalized productions, which cannot be cancelled, for any reason, after receipt of your order confirmation. It is also not possible to return custom posters.

If you regret your purchase, the items must be returned to the following address:

Linaa A/S
Bergsoesvej 11
DK-8600 Silkeborg

Please enclose the return form in which you write your order number, and how you want your outstanding amount, e.g. you can exchange for another item or get your money back. Because you have paid with credit card we will transfer the money to your card. Please note, it is not possible to get the money transferred to another account. You can download our return form here.

When you return one or more items, please ensure that it/they are securely wrapped. You are responsible for the package until we receive it. We also recommend you to save the postal receipt and tracking number. You pay the costs associated with returning the goods.

You pay for the return shipping when you use our 30 days return policy. We recommend that you send the item back in the original packaging since lack of original packaging can reduce the sales value of the item. Please read more under Item Valuation which you find below.

Note: We expect that you send the items as soon as possible after you have notified us of the return, and you must return it within 14 days after your given notice. We do not receive packages sent by cash on delivery.

Item Valuation
You can regret your purchase after you have tested the product. However, you can partially or completely lose your purchase amount if you have used/tested the product beyond what is possible in a physical store. The product value may be reduced because:

• You actually have taken the product in use.
• The product has been damaged while you were responsible for it.
• You have handled the product in a different way than necessary in order to determine the nature, capacity and function.
You have broken the original packaging.

If the value of the product has been reduced, we make a specific evaluation of what the used/tested product can be sold for to another customer. We will not return the depreciation.

According to Danish Law, there are 24 months warranty on items purchased on This warranty covers manufacturing and/or material defects. Depending on the specific situation, this means that you can get the product repaired or replaced or a refund/reduction in price. The complaint must be justified and the defect must not be caused by misuse of the product or other damage causing behavior.

If you have noticed a defect in a product, you must by law advertise within “reasonable time”. Please let us know as soon as possible and no later than two months after you discovered the defect by sending an email to You will receive information on how to proceed depending on the individual situation.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that you keep your invoice as a warranty card. This warranty does not cover defects or damages directly or indirectly caused by misuse, poor maintenance, violence, or tampering.

Online Dispute Resolution
You should always start by contacting us at if you want to complain about your purchase. If we cannot find a solution, you can make a complaint through the EU Commission's online complaint portal. It is especially relevant if you are a consumer living in an EU country. You can file your complaint here. If you file a complaint, you should submit our email address:

Last update: August 16, 2023


Personal Data Policy

This personal data polity describes how Linaa A/S (, we, us, our) collects, stores and processes information about you. The personal data policy applies to all the personal data we collect via as well as to the information you give us when you visit or contact us via e-mail.

When we collect, process and use your personal data, we always comply with all the relevant rules and regulations.

Linaa A/S is the data controller and is responsible for collection, processing and use of your personal data at If you have any questions or if you want additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Linaa A/S
Bergsoesvej 11
8600 Silkeborg
Phone: +45 86 80 26 66
VAT no.: DK25790294

Collection of Personal Data

Order/request for quotation
When you make a purchase at or when you request a quotation for one or more of our products, we collect data about you, i.e., name, postal address, delivery address (if it differs from the postal address), e-mail address, telephone number, payment information and your purchase.

We need your contact information, such as name and address, to be able to deliver the product you have purchased and to be able to handle a possible return/complaint. We collect your e-mail address so that we can send the order and delivery confirmations to you. Your telephone number is your customer number, and we only use it if it is necessary to contact you in regards to processing your order. When you pay for your product, we register your name, your credit card information, your IP address and the time of purchase. This information is used and saved for payment purposes only and for us to be able to perform our obligations under the agreement as well as for investigation of fraud – for instance, credit card fraud – if required.

We also use the information about your order to be able to perform our accounting obligations in accordance with the rules laid down in the Danish Bookkeeping Act. According to the Danish Bookkeeping Act, it is our obligation to keep this information for at least five years.

If you do not wish to provide the personal data we collect in order to perform the purchase of a product, you will, regretfully, not be able to purchase products from us.

When you visit (also called the webshop), we automatically collect data about you and your use of the webshop. For instance, we register which search words you enter, your IP address as well as information about which sub-pages you visit and for how long. In addition, we collect technical information about, for instance, your browser type and your operating system. We do that in order to be able to optimize our webshop and to target our marketing activities. Moreover, part of this information is necessary for us to be able to exploit all the functionality of the webshop. We use cookies to collect this data. Read our cookie policy further down the page.

Use of Data Processors
The personal data you give us is considered confidential and will be processed with utmost caution. We disclose personal data to selected business partners. Our business partners process or use the data confidentially and in accordance with our instructions. They will not be allowed to ever use the data for any other purposes than the ones we have given them.

We make data available to technical business partners who handle operation, development and hosting of our servers and webshop. In addition, we make data available to business partners in connection with release of newsletters, improvement of the webshop, marketing activities and in connection with communication via e-mail and chat. Further, we make name, address, e-mail and phone number available to the freight company that delivers your order.

Your personal data will by no means be made available or sold to others except from our business partners, unless special circumstances require us to do so. If, for instance, a Danish authority requires that we make data available in accordance with Danish law, or if the company is sold – partly or fully. If your personal data is made available to others in connection with company changes, it will take place in accordance with the rules and regulations that are in force at the time in question.

Below, please find examples of business partners who process data on our behalf:

DanDomain (webshop)
OnPay (payment system)
Sotea (hosting)
Post Nord (freight company)
Geodis (freight company)
UPS (freight company)
Google (statistics and analysis)
Microsoft/Bing (statistics and analysis)
Facebook (statistics and analysis)

Three of these partners are established in the United States. The necessary guarantees for the transfer of information to the United States are secured through the data processor's certification under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, cf. EUs General Data Protection Regulation article 45.

Copies of certifications are available here:
Google – click here
Microsoft/Bing/- click here
Facebook – click here

Your Rights
According to the regulation, you have the right to contact us in order for you to find out if we store data about you, and if so which data and the purpose of this data, the recipients of the data and where the data comes from (the right of access).

You can contact us in writing at or by postal letter to our postal address. If you send us a request for access, you must attach documentation that substantiates that you are the person you say you are. We will reply to your request within four weeks.

If your personal data is inaccurate or incomplete, you can have it corrected or changed at any time (the right to rectification). If you find inaccurate data in the information we have registered about you, we recommend that you contact us at so that the information can be corrected /updated.

In some cases, part of or all the personal data can be deleted at your wish (the right to erasure). To the extent that your data is necessary for us to meet, for instance, our accounting obligations, we are not legally bound to delete your personal data.

You can contact us at any time if you want your personal data delivered in a commonly used format and if you want your data transmitted to another data controller (the right to data portability).

You have the right to object to the way we process the personal data we collect to improve the functionality and structure of our webshop as well as for possible direct-marketing activities (the right to object). In your written objection, you must specify which type of processing you object to.

Erasure of Personal Data
We will store the information you have given us when you placed your order (i.e., name, address, phone number, e-mail address, if any, and list of ordered products) for at least five years.

The information that has been collected via Google about your behavior on and use of will be deleted automatically after 38 months.

We have carried out appropriate technical and organizational security measures to prevent personal data from being accidentally or illegally destroyed, lost, changed or impaired and to prevent it from being brought to the knowledge of unauthorized persons or getting abused.

Only employees who have a real need to access your personal data in order to perform their jobs have access to your personal data.

Changes in Personal Data Policy
We can make justified changes to our personal data policy at any time. You can always find an updated version of the personal data policy on in the section “Terms and Conditions”.

Last update: September 24, 2018


Cookie Policy

This webshop uses cookies, which means that when you visit our website, the system collects information about you which is used, among others, to adjust and improve the contents and functionality of the webshop. Read more about our use of cookies below.

Company data is owned and operated by:

Linaa A/S
Bergsoesvej 11
8600 Silkeborg
Tel.: +45 86 80 26 66
VAT. No: DK25790294

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file/data file – a piece of code – that the website saves on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit the website. A cookie is not a program, but a passive file. For example, it cannot collect data from your computer's hard disk or spread viruses and other damaging programs. A cookie is used to keep track of what is happening during your visit to the website and to recognize your computer if it returns to the website at a later point in time.

The purpose of cookies on the website
Many functions on the website depend on a cookie being placed when a user visits a website, so first and foremost, we set cookies to have a functional site. In addition, we make use of both 1st party and 3rd party cookies to improve the user experience on our site and to offer relevant marketing. When a 3rd party cookie is set, it means that we have allowed a third party, e.g. Facebook, Google Analytics or similar to place a cookie in your browser when you visit our website.

On our website we use the following types of cookies:

Necessary / Technical
Necessary cookies ensure that the website is useable. They do that by activating basic functions such as page navigation, and they grant access to the secured areas of the website. Without these cookies, the website would not work properly. As the name suggest, they have only technical significance and thus no impact on your privacy, as they do not register what you are looking for on other websites.

Functional cookies are used to remember your user preferences by remembering the choices and settings you make on the website, e.g. if you want to see the prices with or without VAT.

Statistic cookies help us understand the way you interact on by collecting and reporting information about your behavior on the website. These cookies also record whether you have visited our site before and which browser you are using, etc. We use this information for statistics and to continuously optimize the website.

Marketing cookies collect information/data by following you on the individual websites and “record” the digital footprints you set. The information collected is used to create an overview of your interests, habits and activities to show relevant ads for things you have previously shown interest in. In that way, you get more targeted content, such as articles and ads.

Marketing cookies are located on by third parties that can be categorized under marketing partners, advertising networks, and social media (such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube). Third parties act as intermediaries to show you our content such as messages, offers, and ads. These cookies collect anonymous data that cannot be returned to your identity. However, please note, that if you are logged in to a service from one of these third parties during your visit to our website, the third party will be able to assign the technical data to your profile. The processing of this data is subject to the third party data policy.

Google - These cookies collect data about your behavior (traffic data, including your IP address) at our website. This data is used for our statistics in Google Analytics and in connection with our marketing through Google Ads. Please note, that we have enabled Google Signals. This means that Google Analytics compares the visitor information collected on our website with Google information from users with Google Accounts, who are logged in and consented to ad customization. For instance, this Google information may be your search history, your YouTube history, or data from other websites using Google Signals. You can delete your Google data via My Activity.

Data generated by Google Analytics is sent to and stored on Google servers in the US. You can deactivate cookies from Google Analytics here.

Facebook - These cookies collect data about your behavior on our website and compares it with your profile on Facebook and/or Instagram (owned by Facebook) if you are logged into your Facebook account while visiting our website. This information helps us optimize our marketing on Facebook. We only have access to a fully anonymized statistics and cannot assign data to the individual user.

Not categorized
Not categorized cookies are (yet) unknown to our cookie repository. We are in the process of classifying these cookies.

Overview over cookies

How to delete or block cookies
You can delete or block cookies on your computer at any time by changing the settings in your browser. Where you find the settings depends on the browser you use. Please note that if you choose to block cookies, you will be unable to use a lot of the website's functionality and services, because they require that the website remembers the choices you make.

You always have the option to withdraw your consent to cookies by clicking here.

Previously accepted cookies can be deleted from your computer at any time. You can do that in your computer’s internet options. How you do it depends on the browser you use. To get help to delete or block cookies, click here and to manage here.

Last update: September 7, 2020