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Neulog - Salinity Logger Sensor

Neulog - Salinity Logger Sensor

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Product Details

With this logger you can measure the salt content of a solution and it can thus be used for a wide range of experiments in biology, geography and physics / chemistry.

The probe itself on the logger has two flat electrodes with a known surface area and a known distance between them. A signal is sent to the electrodes and depending on how the signal reacts, the salt content of the solution is calculated.

The salinity logger measures in the following units:
-% (percent): the total salt percentage throughout the sample
- ppm (parts per million): number of salt molecules per one million salt molecules in total.
- Mg / L (milligrams per liter)

Using and Storing the Logger:
- During the measurements it is important that the electrodes (circular with a dot inside) are covered with liquid
- Avoid touching the surface of the probe as far as possible
- Avoid getting the probe or sensor's plastic parts into liquid
- Clean the electrodes with distilled water after use and between the various samples

Use and store the logger properly to avoid damaging the electrodes.

Manufacturer: NeuLog
Product name: Salinity logger sensor NUL-228
Can be used in the range:
0 to 6.4% / 0 to 64,000 mg / L / 0 to 64,000 ppm
Solution: 0.0002% / 1 mg / L / 1 ppm
Max. sampling frequency: 100 samples / sec.
Experiment Duration: 1 second to 31 days
Included: English User Guide

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