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Neulog - Photo Gate Logger Sensor

Neulog - Photo Gate Logger Sensor

Article number: 58635
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Product Details

This sensor can be used to study various types of motion. With six modes of operation, time, speed, or acceleration can be measured with one or two photo ports and associated timing cards, as well as displaying image status (digital 1 or 0) on the voltage output of the photo gate as timed cards pass through it.

The operating modes are selected by clicking on a button on the software screen.

The measured values ​​can be displayed in large numbers or in a table.

The six modes of operation of the sensor are described here:
1) Velocity with a single port
2) Single port acceleration
3) Acceleration with two gates
4) Velocity and Momentum with two gates
5) Divide between two gates
6) Speeds with a timing card

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