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NeuLog Skærmmodul

NeuLog Digital Display Module

Article number: 58621
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Product Details

The display module is an ideal solution for you working with data collection and NeuLog data loggers in places where you do not have access to PC / Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Due to the small size of the screen and direct readings, it is optimal for all field studies and offline experiments.

The module connects to a data logger and a battery module so you can keep track of the measurements as you make them.

You can connect up to 5 NeuLog data loggers directly to the monitor at one time - this is done via a battery module (purchased separately). The display module automatically detects the connected loggers and displays one of them digitally. By pressing the button on the front of the module you can move on to the other connected data loggers.

NOTE: This display module and the aforementioned battery module are part of the basic package. The basic package contains a number of basic modules that are good to use when using NeuLog's data loggers.

Manufacturer: NeuLog
Product name: Digital display module VIEW-200
Included: Engelsk brugervejledning
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