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Whittling Knife Beaver Craft - Kid

Whittling Knife Beaver Craft - Kid

Article number: 64515
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Product Details

Children need to learn new skills. It is much safer, healthier and wiser to instill an early 'knife culture' in your children than to let them grow up ignorant.
Parents often ask us the same question - which knife is safe, effective and comfortable for children? What should be the perfect first carving tool for a young carver? This paring knife is specially designed for children.

The knife blade is rounded at the tip so that the child does not cut or stab himself or others. The handle is fitted with a finger protector that prevents the fingers from slipping over the edge of knives.
Comes with a leather protector for the blade.

Product information:
Blade length: 50 mm
Blade width: 15 mm
Total length: 155 mm
Shaft: Ash wood
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