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Trangia Gas Burner GB74

Trangia Gas Burner GB74

Article number: 59401-20
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Product Details

The Trangia gas burner GB74 can replace the spirit burner in the Trangia portable stoves from the 25 and the 27 series.

The gas burner makes it easier to cook and boil water as the burner heats the food and boils the water faster than the spirit burner.  

The Trangia gas burner GB 74 has a pre-heater and a steel-reinforced tube. It is easy to install and fits standard gas cartridges (EN417).  

A nylon bag is included for easy storage of the gas burner when you are not using it.

The gas burner can be used with all our Trangia portable stoves.

Please note: Gas is not included and must be bought separately.

Product details:
Material: Steel
Installed on: Trangia 25 and 27 series
Goes with: Standard gas cartridge (EN417)
Included: Nylon bag
Weight: 180 g
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