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Neulog - UVA Logger Sensor

Neulog - UVA Logger Sensor

Article number: 58658
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Product Details

With the UVA logger you can measure UVA radiation.

UVA radiation has a shorter wavelength than visible light. (UVA: 380 nm - 320 nm). The UVA logger measures in mW / m 2 (milli-watts per square meter).

Sunlight is the main source of UV radiation, although UV rays make up only a small portion of the sun's rays. About 95% of the sun's reaching UV rays are UVA rays, while the remaining 5% are UVB rays.

Both UVA and UVB radiation are harmful. UVA radiation penetrates deeper into the skin and can cause premature skin aging (wrinkles), eye damage and increase the risk of skin cancer. UVB radiation in particular causes sunburns and long-term sun damage in the form of pigment spots and skin cancers. We humans do not see UVA rays, but many animals, e.g. insects, can.

Manufacturer: NeuLog
Product name: UVA log sensor NUL-232
The logger can be used in the range: 0 to 65,000 mW / m 2
Resolution: 5 mW / m 2
Sampling frequency, max .: 100 samples / sec
Experiment Duration: 1 second to 31 days
Included: English User Guide

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