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Neulog - GSR Logger

Neulog - GSR Logger

Article number: 58643
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Product Details

Logs that measure the conductivity of the skin - also called "the galvanic skin reaction".

The skin on our fingers is particularly sensitive and the conductivity of our skin is altered by unconscious emotions and external influences such as sudden noise, smell, touch and pain. Conductivity is also visually affected e.g. by photos or movies. It is the same effect utilized in a lie detector test.

The logger can record the measurement results as microsiemens (μS) or as Arb, which is an abbreviation of Arb itrary analog units and means that no device is associated with the measurement results.

Manufacturer: NeuLog
Product name: GSR log sensor NUL-217
Can be used in the range: 0 to 10 µS / 0 to 65,279 Arb
Resolution: 10 nS - 1
Max. sampling frequency: 100 samples / sec.
Experiment Duration: 1 second to 31 days
Included: English User Guide

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