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NeuLog GPS-logger

Neulog - GPS Logger

Article number: 58669
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Product Details

Use this GPS logger to determine your latitude and longitude and altitude locations.

The logger registers its position at regular intervals (every 10 seconds) in its internal memory. It can be used alone or with other NeuLog data loggers to conduct outdoor experiments, e.g. in nature / technology or geography.

The data logger is user-friendly and has an easy on / off function. A red LED indicates whether the GPS logger is receiving signal (flashing every second) or searching for signal (constant light).

The supplied USB cable allows you to connect the GPS logger directly to your PC and transfer the data. You can use this data for example. export to Google Earth so that your GPS coordinates and thus the location appear on the map.

When you receive the GPS logger, it is ready to use. You can get help with the use of the guide included in the package.

NOTE: To use the GPS logger in the field, you need a battery module. The module is not included, but can be purchased separately here. If you have or are considering purchasing more NeuLog data loggers, you may want to buy the basic package that contains all the modules you need to get the most out of your data loggers.

Product Details:
Manufacturer: NeuLog
Product name: GPS Position logger sensor NUL-243
Most used in: Nature / technology and geography
Included: USB cable, English guide
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