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NeuLog Calcium Logger Sensor

NeuLog Calcium Logger Sensor

Article number: 58664
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Product Details

You can use the calcium logger to measure a calcium concentration, e.g. in biology and chemistry. You can investigate chemical reactions and water quality.

This data logger can measure the concentration of ionic calcium (Ca 2+) in aqueous samples, which is very important when investigating water quality. It can also be used to determine calcium - magnesium by EDTA titration.

Logger units of measurement are:
- Milligrams per liter (mg / L): SI unit of measurement of the density of a substance dissolved in a liquid.
- Parts per million (ppm): The total amount of a particular molecule (eg calcium) per million molecules in a sample.

To use the data logger you need a USB module (for PC / Mac), a WiFi module and a battery module (for tablet / smartphone) or a display module and a battery module. The basic package is composed of the modules you need to work with your NeuLog data loggers - you can find the basic package here. However, all modules can also be purchased separately.

Product Details:
Brand name: NeuLog
Module number: NUL-238
Most used in: Biology and Chemistry
Unit of measurement: mg / L and ppm
Sampling rate: 100 samples / second
Included: English Guide
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