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NeuLog Barometer Logger Sensor

NeuLog Barometer Logger Sensor

Article number: 58647
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Product Details

A barometer measures the pressure of the atmospher. Changes in the pressure of the air can be used to give an idea of ​​the weather to come - when it is low pressure, there is a tendency for bad weather and a high pressure for good weather.

The barometer logger can measure and display the data in the following four units:
- kPa - kilopascal
- atm - atmospheres
- in Hg - inches of mercury
- mm Hg - millimeters of mercury

The logger can also display the measured pressure in altimeter.

Brand name: NeuLog
Model number: NUL-221
Can be used in the range:
80 to 106 kPa / 0.8 to 1.00 atm
600 to 795 mm Hg / -380 to 1950 m
Solution: 0.1 kPa / 0.01 atm / 0.8 mm Hg / 0.8 m
Sampling frequency, max .: 100 samples / sec
Experiment Duration: 1 second to 31 days
Included: English User Guide
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