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Knife Sharpening System Lansky - 3 stones

Knife Sharpening System Lansky - 3 stones

Article number: 27900
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Product Details

The ultimate knife sharpening kit. Reliable, easy and nice to use.

Designed to give your blade a professional, razor-sharp edge – every time.

The kit contains:
- Coloured, curved safety holder fitted on each sharpening stone.
- A control rod for each sharpening stone.
- Extra screw for the clamp (for thicker blades).
- Storage box with dedicated space for each individual part
- this helps you organize all the parts.
- Sharpening clamp with angle instructions.
- Honing oil, with a special mix for maximum sharpening result (do not use on diamond sharpening steels – use water instead).

The kit contains the following sharpening stones made from aluminium oxide and ceramic:
- Coarse red sharpening stone - grit 120 for rough sharpening
- Medium green sharpening stone - grit 280 for less frequent sharpening and maintenance.
- Fine blue sharpening stone - grit 600 for frequent maintenance and for keeping your blade super sharp.

Recommended sharpening angles:
- 17° angle - an angle that is recommended for razor blades, scalpels or similar tools. The result is an extremely sharp knife edge.
- 20° angle - a normal angle for high-quality knives. The result is an excellent edge on kitchen and filleting knives.
- 25° angle - the recommended angle for most knives that need a durable, sharp edge. It is perfect for hunting and outdoor knives.
- 30° angle - an excellent angle for knives that are used roughly for cutting cardboard, rope or carpets, for instance.
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